Petition to Major League Baseball Regarding Barry Bonds

Petition to Major League Baseball Regarding Barry Bonds

Whereas it is a fundamental principle of Justice in America that a person is innocent until proven guilty,

and whereas it is fundamentally immoral for all the employers in an industry to deny employment to a presumed innocent person of great abilities for no very good reason, and furthermore possibly illegal if they were to collude to do this,

and whereas Bonds was third in the Major Leagues in OPS in 2007, with an OPS of 1.045, a feat that is utterly unheard of for a 43 year old,

and whereas Bonds performed this feat while being repeatedly drug tested,

and whereas, from everything I've heard about steroids, they are supposed to hurt you in the long run, so its hard to imagine how, if Bonds had taken steroids in his younger days, that would contribute to his feats at 43 or 44 years of age, those feats presumably coming from some combination of hard training, raw innate ability, and experienced eye,

and whereas the best thing that one could imagine happening to MLB is for it to be somehow proven that Bonds was in fact innocent of doping allegations,

and whereas if Bonds were to play at a very high level this year at the age of 44 while being drug tested that would provide further evidence that his amazing career feats were not due, or at least not primarily due, to performance enhancing drugs,

and whereas I for one enjoy watching superb athletes perform,

NOW Be it Resolved:

That Barry Bonds should be offered a major league contract or several and allowed to show if he can amazingly continue to perform at a high level.

Eric Baum